What are Signs of a Great Leader?

The Word Of The Day Is “Leadership “

Most people read the word Leadership and they instantly imagine the boss, the person in charge. A person who has people reporting directly to them that they bark orders to.

When entrepreneurs with a dream for owning a business see the word leadership they usually think of a person who is at the top of the organization.

But a few also think of bad leadership that did not lead people but instead bossed their employees around and did not create a following culture.

When I hear the word Leadership, I think about serving others and putting others before my needs and giving credit to others to inspire the team.

I’ve got some definite opinions about the word Leadership when it comes to increase building a business, being an entrepreneur, especially if you’re eager to transform your wildest dreams into your everyday reality:

  • Excellent leaders are servant leaders. They do not set themselves apart from their people. In fact they connect with employees personally by name and direct reports they even know their wife’s name.
  • Great leaders understand that people are always watching and observing them so they always lead by example, always doing vs. telling.
  • Great leaders encourage others, when you leave their presence of a great leader you leave energized and charged to accomplish anything.

Here’s the big benefit for every entrepreneur with a dream for owning a business : To be a great leader you must be willing to have an others first mentality.

Let me share how everyone can put this to work – Be willing to build others up around you. Go out of your way for your people and your people will go over and beyond for you.

Have you ever a had a bad leader? if so what was your experience. What was the outcome? 

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