How does Being Different Pay and Pay Very Well?

The Word Of The Day Is “Different “

When most people hear the word Different they think of not the same in comparison to another item.

When hard working professionals hear the word Different they often think of an exclusive person or item that is unique from others. A must have! .

But a few also think of an oddball that does not fit in with the norm.

When I hear the word Different, I think of a trend setter. Set apart from the masses. Going against the flow..

Here are my thoughts on the word Different as it applies to Become wealthy , especially if you want to become a wealth builder :

When you are on the quest to build wealth you will have to go against the grain.

Many people are not taught how to deal with money so you cannot do what others are doing.

When it comes to handling money, be different.

Do NOT try to keep up with the Jones.

Bottom Line: Set your own money target and run the race to meet the goal. .

Here’s how you can put all this into action – Know where you are going. Look to your map for guidance. Do not look to what everyone else is doing as guidance. .


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